Work Promoting Meeting of Employment and Entrepreneurship for Graduates of Education System in 2017

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On the afternoon of June 5, the work promoting meeting of employment and entrepreneurship for graduates of education system was held in room 211 of the library building in Dinghuaimen campus. The subject of the meeting is to propel national, provincial and municipal departments at all levels to further carry our work on job hunting and entrepreneurship for graduates on the basis of the college’s reality. More than 90 people attended the meeting, including principal Cui Xinyou, deputy party secretary, vice principal Jin Lixia, vice principal Niu Yutao, college leaders of each unit of education system in the province who are in charge of employment and entrepreneurship, officials in charge of all related functional departments and all staff engaging in employment and entrepreneurship work. The meeting was presided over by Jin Lixia. Lu Xuejun, director of Jiangsu Recruitment and Employment Guidance and Service Center, was invited to make a report.

In the meeting, Jin Lixia concluded our college’s work on employment and entrepreneurship and reported our employment rate, pointing out the further working schedule. Niu Yutao raise some detailed requirements from the prospective of recruiting. He believes that employment quality is critical to the social influence of students and college and each education units should strengthen market analysis and provide statistical support for specialty adjustment. Lu Xuejun made a report titled with Study on Recent Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates. Cui Xinyou focused on 3 aspects on the subject of this meeting: entrepreneurship, employment service and improvement of evaluating mechanism. Finally, Jin Lixia made a conclusion about the meeting.

(Written by: Song Zhihua, Photographed by: Zhou Shengpu)


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