Students from School of Arts Achieved Success in National and Provincial Competitions

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On November 8, 2019, Jiangsu Beauty  Skills Contest was held at Tongli Convention Center, Wujiang District, Suzhou. More than 1500 contestants from the province competed on 14 events. Zhang Yahua and other 4 students were selected by School of Arts as contestants to take part in the competition. They achieved 3 gold and 2 silver. JSCVC was rated as the best organizational unit. At the same time, with their scores, more than 30 students got access to a vocational examination and took part in a test of Jiangsu Province beautician for obtaining senior vocational qualification.

After the contest, teachers and students of Art School did not stop training, actively preparing for the 2019 China hairdressing and manicure skill contest held in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province on Nov.20. Under the guidance of teacher, He Yu, with support by various departments , after centralized registration and selection, participating students received intensive training and counseling. In the end, Jin Yuxi, our student, took a silver medal of heyday thematic makeup, Weng Yu and Hu-xue took part in facial skincare event and obtained golden prize and excellent prize, which demonstrated our strength of cultivating talents to national beauty industry units and colleges. 

The provincial and national competitions organized by Jiangsu Hairdressing & Beauty Association and China Hairdressing & Beauty Association are the professional competitions of the highest level, the greatest influence, the most grand scale and widest recognition in professional field. Since participating in these two events, the Art School has gradually formed a set of guarantee and promotion mechanism featuring promoting learning by competition and creating excellence by competition. Over the years, the results of the events have been in the forefront in the province and in China, contributing to the good reputation of the college, gaining greater influence in the industry.


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