JSCVC Barrier-free Environment Construction Collaborative Research Center was Invited to Guide the Creation of Barrier-free City in Hai'an

Views:45Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-03-24Set Up

From March 18 to 21, 2020, invited by the Hai'an Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, three teachers, Zhou Xuyang, Zhou Wenbo and Su Haihua, from JSCVC Barrie-free Environment Construction Collaborative Research Center , provided technical advice and guidance on the creation of barrier-free environment in Hai'an City. Meanwhile, they also participated in the expert review meeting on Hai'an City Barrier-free Environment Construction Special Plan (2020-2035), making scientific comments and suggestions from their professional perspective of barrier-free environment construction on the feasibility of special planning.

Professor Zhou Xuyang was also invited to deliver a lecture themed "Sharing the Blue Sky and Philanthropism without Barriers to related units in Hai'an City, and answered their questions. Professor Zhou made field visit and gave technical guidance on barrier-free facilities construction and transformation at Hai'an City Railway Station, bus station, library, administrative examination and approval center, bank office, sports center, people's hospital and urban roads, public buildings, urban green space and squares.

The total population of Hai'an City is 960,000, with the number of licensed disabled people being 189,000, accounting for 1.97% of the total population, and the elderly population aged 60 and above is 30,0300, accounting for 31.29% of the total population. With the development of the cause of serving the disabled and the needs of an aging society, Hai'an City, the country's longevity hotsopt, actively declares for the creation of a national barrier-free city, which paves the way for the creation of a national civilized city, JSCVC actively participate in the creation of the barrier-free city of Hai'an and will gradually give our technical advice to serve their barrier-free urban construction.


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