Business School Adopts Multiple Measure to Ensure Substantively Equivalent Online Teaching

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In order to implement “Continuous Teaching and Learning During the Suspension of Classes” required by Ministry of Education, the Provincial Education Department, and in response to the call of the college, School of Business aims to do a good job during the epidemic prevention and control effectively. The School has made a full deployment of online teaching according to the arrangements of Academic Affairs Office for 2020 spring semester. They actively explore the online teaching model to ensure that online teaching is substantive equivalent.

Since the beginning of March when the official opening of cloud teaching started, the School has been actively promoting the No. 2 and No. 4 Announcement of Academic Affairs Office and related teaching arrangements, and has now offered 28 online courses, with a total of 41 teachers working online. College teachers give full play to the advantages of Internet plus education, innovative teaching methods, and are concerned with students’ learning needs, keep updating teaching content.  Teaching is carried out according to the characteristics of the curriculum and the actual situation of students, with the help of Jiangsu City Vocational College Network Teaching Platform, China University mooc Platform and Vocational Teaching Cloud Platform, Online Teaching Platform QQ group, recorded resources and live teaching etc. At the same time, as for the teaching content, college teachers will combine professional courses with the epidemic, ideological education with curriculum, and further enhance the effectiveness of teaching and educating people.

The epidemic outbreak has slowed the pace of back-to-school, but it has not prevented us from learning and dedication to work. In the key period of comprehensive fight against the epidemic, with the active help of all the teachers and students of the school, and with our joint efforts, the teaching work during the special period in Business School continued to advance steadily in an orderly manner. Let us look forward to the early end of the epidemic, let us win this war of“Continuous Teaching and Learning During the Suspension of Classes” and prevention of epidemic!


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